For Writing:

We're going to use The Complete Writer: Writing With Ease Workbook 1. I bought the printed and bound workbook so I'll have a real book to hold and I won't have to read off the computer screen or print the pages myself and put them in a three binder. (I am reading off the screen for The Story of the World's Activity Book and I am using a three ring binder with First Language Lessons. I don't love either.)

But I did purchase the .pdf version for the Student Pages because those need to be handed to Norah separately anyway, I can print them before school starts with all the other pre-school printing I am doing and just keep them in a binder till she needs them. Having the .pdf means that I can print them as many times as Norah needs them if she happens to mess up really badly or spill milk on her page and I can also print the pages again in a few years when Avril is ready for this book!

I did NOT choose to buy Strong Fundamentals or the Writing With Ease Instructor Text because I have no time to read these books and transform myself into the expert Susan Wise Bauer already is on the topic of teaching kids to write. I don't even have the time to pick out my own literature passages for Norah to copy. Susan Wise Bauer is much smarter than I am and she's already read a lot more children's literature than I have so I will just go with her literature choices in the workbook, thank you and Amen.


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