For Geography:

I knew we couldn't just read this First Atlas. Norah would never retain the content without something visual and interactive.

So, for Canada, I found the image of a maple leaf, a hockey player, a totem pole online. For the USA, I found the Hollywood sign, a wheat combine, the capital building, etc. I was going to make colored stickers of these images so we could cut them out and put them onto a world map as we read about the places where they are.

For a day or two, I spent all my free time downloading the images for North and South America alone. But as I was shopping for other books on Amazon, I came across this sticker atlas. It represents the exact concept of what I was trying to accomplish on my own.

So, using this book for stickers instead of making my own, we will read through our atlas like we planned, but find the stickers for that part of the world from this book. There aren't stickers for every image I would have chosen and some of the images on stickers aren't talked about in our atlas, but this book will provide plenty of colorful, ready-to-use stickers to correspond to what we will read from our First Atlas.

I am sorry I wasted the time I did preparing the images I did, but I am more than thankful for this resource because it means I won't have to do stickers for the entire world on my own!


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