My Resolutions for 2011.
Just checking in to see how I am doing.

Run a 5k.
I wanted to run the Ninantic Bay Half Marathon and 5K. I am supposed to be using this plan to train, but I am not training like I should. My biggest problem: I have been going to bed too late to get up early and get my exercise done before the day begins.

Follow Fly Lady's Flight Plan every single day.
I am doing well with this. My house looks great and it is getting more and more organized.

Mend my quilts.
I have added a few other sewing projects to my mental to-do list including mending the cushion of our antique rocking chair and making the girls' Halloween costumes. But I haven't started on any of projects yet. Typical.

Let Norah play outside
She didn't go outside today at all unless you count walking through the parking lots while we ran errands. I will have to remedy that tomorrow.

Read through the entire Bible.
I'm still on track with this plan. This is one thing I really don't ever forget at this point.

I've been praying for my dad a lot. I have not been praying about much else. But I hope that's understandable.

Read one book every month.
I finished Oliver Twist and I have read a few more chapters of King's Cross by Tim Keller. I am reading a lot of The Well Trained Mind and other things to prepared for Norah's school year next year, but I don't have time for much else. If I had read two books in July, I would have been on track to read one book each month this year. But now I need to read three books this month to be on track. I am not sure that will happen.

Eat fruit and vegetables
This is another habit that fell out of mind with the distraction of company and the constraints of our food budget.

No late night eating.
I'm doing well with this.

Be consistent in the garden.
With company here last week and the fact that I am not waking up early enough to get out there before the heat, I haven't worked in the garden in over a week.

Stop talking in bed.
I'm doing alright with this, but mostly because Dwayne has been going to bed a few hours before me.

Go to be early.
Seems like this is the key to helping me with at least two or three of my other resolutions. So even though I really want to read what The Well Trained Mind says about art programs, I think I ought to go to bed. Maybe I should take a second a put out my exercise clothes first, though.


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