For Art- We're going to start by using Discovering The Great Artists this year.

I think we will really enjoy this book, but I'm only planning to do it once a week on Fridays, since the projects sound like they may require a lot of extra time and patience.

For example, after reading about one of the artists, we have to grind colored chalk into powder and then mix it with egg yolks to actually make paint for Norah to then use to paint a picture. This will demonstrate to Norah how determined early artists like the one we study had to be to do what they did. They couldn't just go to the store and buy what they needed like we can, but no doubt, this kind of thing will also be really messy and tedious, thus we are planning to do art from this book only once a week.

With each artist, we'll also print, label and collect show some of their most famous works in a notebook so Norah can look them over again and again as a means of reviewing what we have read in this book and so that she can become familiar with famous artists and their work at a glance.

Note: We may end up doing more than one chapter in this book each week. I think Norah may be begging to do just that. Perhaps we'll have time in the afternoons after we are done with other subjects, especially during the long winter indoors, but I am only planning on doing it once a week. If it takes more than a year for us finish this book, I think that'll be fine. We can work through the second half of the book when Norah starts the third grade.


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