The characters in the last book we read aloud, The Cricket in Times Square, all liked liverwurst. They were a mouse, a cat and a cricket, all friends, and they'd share and relish in the scraps of this lunch meat that fell out of people's sandwiches and onto the ground in New York City. Their love of liverwurst made Norah want to try it. She wasn't dissuaded by the fact that the characters who liked it were all animals. So her dad, who likes liverwurst, made himself and the girls sandwiches last Saturday for lunch. (I had few bites of everyone's sandwiches, to get tastes of it, but then I made myself a grilled cheese.) Norah ended up eating two whole liverwurst sandwiches; she liked it so much. She generally has a good appetite anyway, though, and since I wanted to make sure we used up all the liverwurst we bought, I let her have as much as she wanted.

Avril insisted on having her photo taken, too. She ate half a liverwurst sandwich along with her Daddy and her big sister. Here's to how books can inspire us to try new things! 



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