With the guidance of The Well Educated Mind, I am starting a course of study through some of the greatest works of literature, beginning with one of the greatest and earliest works of fiction (at least it the earliest on the list the book provides), Don Quixote.

I am fully aware that this whole endeavor may take a while.

Years, maybe.

Or even years and years.

How will I find the time, you ask?

I plan to give up even more Hulu.

This book terrifies me, though. I mean look at it!

I graduated with a degree in English Literature. In college, I read long experts from this book and discussed it in class, intelligently I think, and even wrote about it. But the professor held mine and every other students' hand as we waded through the book together.

But if I remain scared of tackling books like this on my own, my kids will grow up scared of tackling books like this on their own. So I am confronting my fear before my kids start to model it.

Is a person capable of educating herself? Really? Can we really do big things on our own without the guidance of experts?

I believe we can.

And so here I go!


Blessings on your journey.
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I read DQ several years ago, but the CCOM ladies read it last year and Ruth at An Experiment With the Well-Educated Mind just finished it. We are all working our way through WEM.

Looking forward to getting to know you better!
Oh, how funny. I am always looking for others on the WEM journey, and Adriana found you! Yes, I just finished Quixote, and loved it! Yet, I was totally intimidated by it.

I began the list in WEM in January, and I just finished Pilgrim's Progress. I am trying to catch up with Adriana and the women at Classic Case of Madness who are on Moby Dick. It may take a year, but I am trying.

BTW, I am a homeschool mom, too!

Best of luck to you!

Ruth at http://greatbookstudy.blogspot.com

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