Norah is flying through All About Spelling Level 1 (now that she and I have finally learned the phonograms - Lesson 1.)

She is enjoying the program and for that reason, Norah argues with me that All About Spelling is not really spelling at all because, "I don't like spelling and I like All About Spelling and this is totally different than the spelling I did before."

Yes, Norah.


Below Norah is putting her alphabet tiles in order, something students do at the start of every lesson, getting practice alphabetizing. Well, actually Avril is the one putting the tiles on the magnetic white board as Norah gives them to her in alphabetical order, so they are doing it together.

We are going so fast through the material right now because Norah had a good foundation in traditional phonics. But, as I look over the lessons at the end of this book, I think we will have to slow down the further we get into it. There are currently seven levels to this program in all, so we will just keep plodding through all the books till we're done, someday.


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