Norah has read each of her Magic School Bus books about twenty times. I'm not exaggerating. Twenty may even be low-ballin' it. She loves Magic School Bus books.

After she read Color Day Relay the other day for the umpteenth time, I strongly suggested/ made her do a narration on it. When she moaned like a wounded animal over my suggestion/ assignment, I just told her to tell me one thing she remembered or found interesting about the book and draw a picture to illustrate it. She was less unwilling to do this because she got to draw a picture. She also loves to draw. I wrote down what she said and then she copied it under her drawing in her own handwriting.

I am hoping doing narrations like this will get her into the habit/ make her more inclined to record interesting things she comes across in her reading. As she gets older, eventually, she could learn how to teach herself just anything by "collecting" information like this in notebooks or journals.


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