How I Am Preparing for Bodypump Initial Training

"Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training..."  1 Corinthians 9:25

I have about a month before Bodypump Initial Training.

To prepare physically,  I am teaching my regular group classes and doing my regular workouts every week. This includes-

one 45 minute tabata bootcamp that really helps to condition my cardio/ respiratory capacity

an hour long cardio/ muscle class

a senior's muscle class

and an hour-long freestyle barbell class similar to Bodypump.  I plan to use my regular amount of weight on the bar.

I usually also take one hour-long step class once a week.

And I have been running 5K (a little over 3 miles) once every week to get ready for a race.

But it turns out this running is still going to serve me well, since what I have read online about the initial training says that we may be asked to go for a run during training, so it's a good thing I have been conditioning myself for that possibility.

I plan to add two things to this already pretty full list-

One, two, or even three official Bodypump classes every week, depending on how my body feels, with as much extra weight as I can handle during those classes.

I've heard the master trainer makes you load on extra weight, so I want to get used to how that feels, too.

and two extensive stretching sessions per week.

I just did Cathe's Yoga Relax DVD. It was uh-mazing! I almost fell asleep on my mat! 

I have been neglecting stretching like I know I should.

But with the extra weight training and anxiety, I think I really must be diligent to stretch so I can do my best to keep myself from getting injured and too uptight.

 Once before the training, I have considered doing my own Bodypump Bootcamp, something I've read they are doing during training.  I think I'll set a timer, load on heavier-than-usual weights and try and do the same exercise until the timer goes off.

I am scared of that Bootcamp, so I figure the best way to handle that is head on.  I think doing my own might help me get over it (a little).

Once I get my Bodypump release in the mail, I'll prepare mentally by doing the release at home with and without weights, again and again, so I can focus intensely and really learn it. (I bet I will skip some of the Bodypump classes to make this physically possible.)

At work, I have also been turning around, teaching while facing the people in my classes, mirroring them, etc.  So when I say "right," they go right, but I actually go left.  It's been tough to teach this way since our group fitness room is full of mirrors and I was trained to teach with my back to the class.  But I have to teach Bodypump facing the class, so I want to start getting used to that.
Of course, I am increasing my calories in proportion to the extra work I am doing. I'm still eating healthy, just giving myself more fuel. 

I always drink tons of water.  I have heard that helps with alleviating soreness.  That's what they say.

I am also getting to bed as soon as possible every night, usually between 9 and 10pm, so that I have a long block of several hours to sleep and let my body recover and rebuild. 

I usually visit the chiropractor at least once every other week and I just realized that I have a gift certificate for a massage that I think I am going to use in between now and training.

I'm taking my vitamins.

Oh, and prayer! Lots of prayer! 

To prepare myself spiritually,  I have been making a notebook with inspirational quotes in it.  I plan to take it with me to training and look through it if and when I need a mental, emotional, spiritual reset at any point.

But even if I'm too busy to stop and look at it during the training, just meditating on the words now is helping me stay motivated and keep the proper focus.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

"The joy of the Lord is my strength."

"Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit," says the Lord.

And my favorite right now,

"Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize?  Run in such a way as to get the prize!"


Hi Veronica!

I received the Liebster Award on my blog and I get to chose some other blogs to nominate -- I would love to nominate you! I am really inspired by your journey to fitness. If you want to participate, the info is on my blog. No pressure though. Just for fun!


This is great, Veronica! You will do great!

The training is intense, but you will learn so much and will be grateful for the hard work you put in before and during it. It will refine you into a great instructor! Best wishes!!

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