I Signed Up For Bodypump Initial Training!

One of the group fitness classes I teach is a freestyle barbell class. "Freestyle" means I make up my own choreography, counts, pick my own music, etc.

I enjoy teaching that class so much. It's pretty much my favorite class to teach, though I do enjoy all my classes for various reasons.

I have also enjoyed every. single. one. of the official Bodypump workouts that I've ever done at home on Pump DVDs from Beachbody or at gyms that have the official Bodypump program.

Therefore, I am totally convinced I will enjoy teaching official Bodypump classes.

So I've signed up to take Les Mills Bodypump initial training in May of 2014.

I have also talked to a local gym that has the Les Mills Bodypump license and they are willing to consider working with me and giving me a shot to prove myself and teach Bodypump at their facility.

I am so very drawn to the excellence of Les Mills programming!

I think I will enjoy all the benefits and challenges of being part of their community of fitness instructors.

Benefits- I don't know what all the benefits will be, but I do look forward to two things- using their excellent music and their awesome choreography in the official Bodypump classes I teach. (Obviously, I can't use the music or choreography in my freestyle classes and I don't plan to.  Integrity is very important to me.)  

Challenges- Someone else is designing their super-challenging workouts, someone who can, apparently, do a lot more push ups and overhead presses than I can do! So I can't cheat and design a workout with only sixteen pushups because that's what I can do easily.  Instead, I have to deliver on every new release, trying to do the thirty-two or even more pushups, whatever is in that release, etc.

(When I do design my freestyle barbell classes, I really try not to design it so that it is easy for me.  I always try and make sure I am challenging myself and the people who come to my classes. But I digress...) 

I will definitely enjoy the physical challenge of having to try and master their awesome routines.

So, hopefully, I will be able to pass muster, get my Bodypump certification and earn a spot teaching authentic Bodypump classes at a local gym somewhere, sometime in the coming months.

If I do become a Bodypump instructor, I know that I can't use any of the Les Mills music or choreography in my freestyle classes like the barbell class I teach at my current gym that doesn't have a Les Mills license.

But I am confident that everything I learn from being a Les Mills instructor, if I pass and get to work as one, is going to make me even better at teaching my freestyle classes, too.

Now to prepare as well as possible for the training, I have twenty five days and counting...  

Note: You may be asking, "What's Bodypump?!"  Here's a short video, a "sizzler" of their latest release #89, that will give you glimpse of what Bodypump is like.  This is actually the release I will be tested on!



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