I Know How I Won

"The people with you are too many for me to give the Midianites into their hand, lest Israel boast over me saying, 'My own hand has saved me.'" 

Judges 7:2

As I read my Bible this morning, this verse took my breath away, but I kept reading.

The Lord made Gideon pare his troops down from thousands upon thousands to three hundred.

All the while, Gideon's enemies were too numerous to even count.

The Lord was going to give them victory.  He had no doubts about that.

But how they managed to win was important to Him. Or rather, how they knew they managed to win was important.

The Lord gave Gideon and his three hundred troops a miraculous victory, of course.  They devoured their enemies.

So it is just as I thought. 

The Lord let me come to the end of myself before He helped me get healthy.

It was terrible to be that weak or rather, to realize I am that weak. 

But if God had given me victory before I knew my weakness, perhaps I would have thought I had lost the weight and formed healthy habits in my own strength. 

As it is, I am under no delusions.

I have no doubt my victory, my health, is a gift to me from the hand of God.

And now, best of all, I find that I can take the gift and enjoy it and turn and look the Giver in the eye and enjoy Him as well. 

What would health be to me without a right relationship with the Lord who gives it? 

It would be a mere fantasy, since there is no such thing.

We are flesh and spirit.

Now, here I am, spirit and flesh, and both are whole. 

The Lord never doubted my victory.

He just brought it about in such a way that in the end, I would know how I won.

He does all things well.  



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