Preparing for Bodypump- Reality Check

This is humbling to admit, but I've been unusually tired and unmotivated the last few days which isn't like me. 

I've spent several hours on the couch the last few days which also is very unlike me.

I have an ache in my arm which is also sometimes a burning pain and I know it's probably from over training.

Our bodies are so glorious. 

They were designed to communicate these kinds of things to us and they do so so effectively.

I've known for some time that I only have so much time and money to go around, but it turns out I only have so much energy to put towards all my goals as well.

Perhaps I need to adjust my training schedule to leave energy to accommodate some of my other priorities like homeschooling my kids everyday.

Their education is so important to me.

With respect to the training plans I made, I think I may need to scratch out some of those extra Bodypump classes and write in the word "rest" or better yet "stretch." 

I'm not superwoman after all. 

Bodypump can definitely make a woman believe she is superwoman which is why I love it.

I am definitely capable of so much more because I've added Bodypump to my life which is also why I love it. 

Between now and my initial training, I am going to focus on the quality of my workouts and start cutting down on the quantity since I am starting to see signs over training.

Here's to living and learning (and lifting.)


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