Two Weeks Until My Bodypump Initial Training

It's exactly two weeks until my Bodypump Initial Training!  I was anxious to get the email that'll give me instructions about downloading Bodypump 89, tell me which tracks I'll be presenting, etc.  I hope there isn't a problem.  The website says I am supposed to get an email two weeks before my Initial Training date, but my guess that's just an approximate time and they're going to send it on the next business day.  It's a holiday weekend, so I am not too concerned about a delay right now.  If I don't get it on Monday, I'll try and give them a call.  I was hoping to do the release today, but instead I just did two of my old Pump DVDs that I purchased through Beachbody, one with my husband, and another on my own.  I doubled up in preparation for the training where I'll be expected to do Bodypump several times in a two day period.  My Pump DVDs made a huge difference in my journey to fitness.  They're still very effective, even after doing them for so many months, since I can just keep putting on more weight.  Tomorrow's a day of resting and stretching with Cathe's Yoga Relax. I'll be ready to lift again on Monday, so I hope by then I'll have gotten the email and I can do the new release in order to start learning it.       


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