I woke up to a dream where I was being clutched by a very childlike, but very strong, very nervous, anxious, even fidgety demon.  I immediately thought, "How interesting, since I have had such a poor, fitful night of sleep tonight."  I prayed to the Lord that He would make the demon go away.

That's when the spirit let go of me immediately apparently. There was a definite release. It was as if whatever was holding onto me just wafted away like dust into the air.  Of course, I realized it wasn't my authority that made that happen. I was thankful.

A moment later, I was straight up on my feet, next to my bed, staring out into the deep heaven of stars above my house. My bedroom ceiling had disappeared and I was singing with full gusto, unashamedly, "Majesty!  Worship His Majesty! Unto Jesus be all glory, honor, and praise!"  It was the strangest thing, since I didn't remember choosing to stand up or even choosing the song I was singing.

As I sang, heavenly hosts began surrounding me and started singing along. For a moment, I was uncomfortable, but then I realized they were angels and I didn't need to be afraid.  I remember being surprised that they knew the song because it was kind of modern, right? (Maybe it isn't, but that's what I was thinking.) And I was surprised I knew the song as well as I did, because I haven't even thought of that particular song in years.

Actually, side note: When I woke up from the dream, I couldn't remember which song I had been singing in the dream and I had to think about it for a few days.  I actually prayed that the Holy Spirit would remind me which song it was since I was so distracted and He could do that, you know, being real and alive.  "Majesty!" popped into my head a few seconds later as I was washing dishes. I haven't even been conscious of that song in years, so I have become convinced that that is the song I was singing in the dream. And it fits the way I remember the song in the dream. I took some deep breaths and I was really belting out the verses like you have to to sing this song.

Anyway, my voice was totally sure of every single lyric and note. I was surprised by this, since it isn't like that in real life. Even when I really try and remember the words to songs and even when I really think I know certain songs, I still mess up often.  But in my dream, it was like my spirit was singing and it could just totally bypass the need to barter with my brain for memory. That was pretty cool.

As I worshiped, I became aware that one of the angels right next to me had put his hand on or near the small of my back because it touched me and that freaked me out for the briefest moment.  The angel had also leaned in close so that our voices overlapped.  But, I realized it was quite healing to be touched by a pure, angelic presence, especially after I had probably been man-handled by a demon during the night if all this wasn't just in my head.  I noticed there were angels on my other side, too, very close. More and more were gathering all around me then, getting closer together, putting their arms around one another and singing louder and louder.

I could hear myself in the middle of them and I was surprised at how clear my voice was because it's never like that in real life.  I was also able to listen to their voices around me and there was just no doubting they were angels by the quality of the sound. I relished that for the moment.  I have friends who have heard angels singing and I always wondered how it was they were so sure they had heard angels. Now I knew there's just no doubting when you hear them.  It is a glorious sound! And I was singing, too!

That's when I woke up to my husband's alarm. 

This was a few days ago, but the dream continues to encourage me. 

I am encouraged for a few reasons, in particular:

First, I have been plagued with terrible nightmares through most of my adult life, so the beautiful turn my dreams are taking is a testimony to the work of the Lord in my life (and in my mind). He has been dealing with some very deep issues in my spirit the past few years and on the deepest levels, I am just not the same person I used to be. 

I'm also encouraged that angels make themselves comfortable in my presence when I worship.  And, wonder of wonders, I was made comfortable in theirs.

They know our songs.  Or maybe it's us that know their songs. Either way, that's just awesome!

I also realize that I have unseen allies who are quick to surround me when my heart is set on the things of God. I am pretty sure the Bible lends credence to that, but the experience of it was pretty encouraging.

And finally, I am thrilled because I think I really will enjoy Heaven after all. I will have to be there forever and we are said to worship there all the time. Worship was fun! As if I was made for it.

If these dreams aren't actual visions, they are still quite powerful pictures of the spiritual realities I believe in in the deepest parts of my mind. I'm a rational person so I do try and view my experiences critically.

The nightmares I used to have would sometimes come to my mind during the day and they would set off inner terror and it was like the stench of death and decay would fill my soul, even fill the room I was in.

But these heavenly dreams also have a potency about them. They are like pure oil. They come to mind and it's like I am anointed on my head all over again and the fragrance is poured out, stirred up, and set off as I move around the room. The fragrance comforts and strengthens my heart. 

I have been so energized by this dream when it comes to mind, it's just incredible. I am here to testify, the Lord redeems everything! Look what all He's done with one poor night's sleep! 


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