Every Good Endeavor by Tim Keller

I am reading Every Good Endeavor by Tim Keller. 

My husband urged me to read it months ago and I started to, but then I put it down.  However, the other day, I had an overwhelming sense that the Lord really wanted me to read it and to read one other book that my husband has suggested to me over the past year.  I felt a great sense of conviction that I should pay more attention to the suggestions my husband makes about books because they might not be random, they might be what the Lord uses to answer my questions or give me wisdom and guidance. (I know that seems obvious and basic, but I needed to be reminded of that.)

So now I am reading the book again and I am more than halfway through.  It's a great book for anyone, even people who don't actually have jobs that pay.  Keller makes a case to prove that we were all created to work and work is supposed to be a blessing to us and to others, even though we still have to deal with the consequences of doing our work in a fallen world. 

It has been great timing for me since I have started working again and I have recently felt very strongly that I am not just working. I am actually fulfilling a personal calling to teach fitness classes. If I had listened to my husband and read the book months ago, I may have been able to process everything I have been going through faster than I have. But, nevertheless, the Lord is faithful and I am reading and processing it all now.  It is really shaping the way I see all the work I do, even the mundane things I do at home. I highly recommend this book!

""No task is too small a vessel to hold the immense dignity of work given by God." -Tim Keller, Every Good Endeavor    


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