I Passed Bodypump Initial Training- Now What?

Now that I have passed my Bodypump Initial Training, I have been learning the choreography and counts for all the tracks on the release and perfecting my transitions and scripts for each track. To me, the hardest parts are the transitions.

Saying all that must be said while adjusting my own weights while out of breath from the previous tracks while demonstrating the moves that need to be demonstrated and doing all of this in approx. thirty seconds seems like it is going to be the hardest part.

I went through Bodypump 89 in my home gym with weights yesterday and I timed myself.  It took me sixty-six minutes, so I really have to speed up my transitions if I am ever going to get through an actual Bodypump class with actual people in an hour. And I know that doesn't include class set up and take down time, either.

So I made note cards just for my transitions. That way, I can focus on those words in particular and try and nail them.  I just want to be able to go on auto-pilot during the transitions. I definitely want to connect with and coach my class, but after looking at my time, I think I will have to save most of the connecting and coaching for the actual workout time.

And I was beginning to think I might actually be "fit enough" to teach Bodypump class well and I could start to relax a little, you know?  ;)  But when I timed myself yesterday, trying to move as fast as possible through all the material without stopping while using role model weight, etc. It was an enlightening experience-

I realized that I still have plenty of room for improvement in my personal fitness. The fitter I am, the more I know my material, the easier those transitions will be. This job is not going to be easy! 


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