Bodypump Certification Process- Update

I have been hired by a gym (to teach Bodypump)!

But I am not certified to teach Bodypump yet. I still need to film myself teaching Bodypump 89 in full and pass that to get certified.

So for now, I am using the certifications I already have (AFAA, Silver Sneakers, etc.) to sub freestyle classes at the gym. (I already teach freestyle classes at another gym, too.) And I am team-teaching Bodypump classes with two other Bodypump instructors during their classes.

Once I am certified, I can sub Bodypump classes for the regular instructors at my new gym and hopefully, someday, get my own Bodypump class on their schedule, too. 

I know sounds like I am teaching a lot. I am!  I haven't been able to do my own workouts in weeks because I am exercising so much at work I need to rest when I can.  But I love what I am doing for workouts at work. I teach various cardio formats including kickboxing, step aerobics, etc. and I teach freestyle barbell classes and even Senior's strength classes in addition to the Bodypump team-teaching. 

I have taught a few tracks from 89 during three different, live Bodypump classes at this point. The only track I haven't taught yet is the warmup (just because the regular teachers have been doing that to open the class.) But I am scheduled to teach the warmup, squats, and chest in a Bodypump class next week. By the time I am scheduled to film in June, I will have been able to practice every track in the entire release at least once in front of a live class, some tracks more than once. 

I feel very fortunate. The Bodypump instructors I am working with both have a lot of experience and they have already been able to help me correct a few key things I was doing wrong. One big thing I was doing was forward flexing my hips at the end of each squat. The past few classes I have been keeping my hips subtly back at the top of each squat so as to keep the tension in my legs through the whole track.  It makes a big difference in the intensity of the squat track because I am no longer resting in between each squat.  It's difficult to unlearn old habits!

I filmed myself teaching my freestyle barbell class last week and it was very eye-opening.  I have already made so many changes in the way I say and do things in classes since seeing and hearing myself on film.  Filming is definitely such a helpful exercise to submit yourself to. 

I love my job (or jobs, now, I guess, since I work at two places now).  I will still enjoy freestyle classes. I relish the ability to create my own choreography. But every time I team-teach (or even just take) an official Bodypump class, I fall more and more in love with the workouts. They are so challenging! I am very excited about this Bodypump journey!


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