The Excellence of Les Mills Programming

When I was considering why I am so drawn to Les Mills and when I was asked why I would ever want to do "someone else's choreography," the quote below came to mind.

"In the abundance of counselors, there is victory."  Proverbs 11:14

Another version of the same quote says, "In the abundance of counselors, there is safety."

Another says, "...there is success."

I think all three versions of the quote apply.

I am still just a novice at teaching group fitness. But even if I weren't, even if I had degrees, training, and experience, I would still only be one person. There is much to be gained from the wisdom of others.

As I pursue my Bodypump certification, I look forward to benefiting from the counsel and community of so many knowledgeable, talented people as I go forward. 

I enjoy my freestyle classes, choosing my own music, coming up with my choreography, etc. Those classes will only benefit from what I am learning about form, counting, cuing and coaching from Les Mills.

Of course, I do my best. I think my freestyle classes are awesome. ;)

But I am realistic and what I can create probably isn't as good, or safe, or effective as what a company like Les Mills with all the people and resources at their disposal can create. 

So many people put so much goes into designing their workouts, they really end up so excellent.

This video explains what goes into filming the workouts and there are a few comments that hint at how much work goes into designing the workouts themselves- well, that's the part that really excites me, benefiting from the abundance of counsel provided by this company.


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