My Sweet Adele is Two

Our youngest girl, Adele, recently turned two.  Her favorite words are as follows:

"Daddy home!" = she says this when we get home and her dad's car is in the driveway or when he comes through the door.

"Guppie" = this means she wants goldfish crackers.

"Wawa" = she wants a drink. It usually must be milk. I've tried explaining that "wawa" is water, but she doesn't seem to care.

"Cars" = she wants to watch a movie, any movie. It doesn't have to actually be Cars 1 or 2.   

In the pic above, she's watching a movie.

I just love how sweet she sits there. I love her little toes, chubby wrists, and elbows.

I really enjoy her right now. After three kids, I think two is one of my favorite ages. 

She's a joy to have around, even if she's is jumping up and down, trying to get her way.

We are trying lots of new things, learning boundaries, reading picture books, practicing new words, and perfecting animals sounds.   

And after three, I know it goes by fast, so I am trying to savor every moment. 



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