A Fish of Clay

I long for God to order my thoughts

So that I may order my words

So that I may order my actions

So that I may order my feelings.


The Spirit of God hovers over the chaos of my mind

And God says, “Let there be Light!”

Christ is with God is in me is working.

Through Him, another Creation, I can be made new.


God divides the darkness from me.

He kindly holds back the waters that surround.

He provides solid ground where I can stand, 

Even places all manner of gifts under, into my hands.


He’ll scoop me up, press me, smooth me,

And I come alive just in time to die again.

He blows His breath into me. Out goes all my life.

He empties me of the poison wherein I swim.


I go gasping like a fish pulled out of natural place,

Eyes wide, flailing, foolish, but I can see Heaven for a glimpse

Till I flip myself, fall away, and dip in native Chaos again.

How long, Oh Lord? Will I long like this and slip and long away? 


"Peace." He whispers. A wonder,

He stoops to answer a fish of clay. 

"Do not you see? From where you are,

Longing is ordered thought toward Me."


-Veronica Boulden


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