He Who Transplants Sustains

I wanted to make Norah a handmade gift for her college apartment. I thought and prayed about it. Alot! And the Lord kept bringing the Connecticut state seal to mind, but I wasn't sure. Then in tears one evening, Norah said she felt as if her roots are being torn up and she is being transplanted, and she has said that a few times since, so that was the confirmation I needed that the Lord had given me the right image to send with her to comfort her. The Connecticut state motto is Latin, "Qui transtulit sustinet." It means roughly, "He who transplants sustains." I added the oak leaves and acorns because of the Bible verse, "They shall be oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor," Isaiah 61:3, a verse I have often prayed over my children. And Connecticut has the famous Charter Oak in its history, so that also makes the oak leaves fitting.


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