Vacation Bible School

The younger girls attended Vacation Bible School at our church last week while I was in South Carolina. 

Actually, Avril did not attend as a camper; she was a teen volunteer. 

But volunteering is definitely an age-appropriate way for her to still "attend."

She still got to be a part of all the fun, hear the stories, learn the songs, and get all the spiritual and social and physical benefits, only she was also able to grow in virtue as a helper to the people around her. 

Adele, still in grade school, was just a regular camper. 

Dwayne purchased the CD of songs, and we've already listened to it once since VBS ended. 

VBS has been a very important part of my kids's spiritual lives, because we've always made it a priority and we've continued to listen to the songs, so the Truth in them will remain with the girls their entire lives. 

We have almost a dozen CDs from the Vacation Bible Schools the girls have attended through the years, and we still listen to them all. 


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