Our Homeschool Classroom

Here are several images of our homeschool classroom. 


Years and years and years of stuff and gifts and crafts and fine arts projects are collecting in this space. It's starting to look a little cluttered, but I can't bring myself to get rid of anything; It all brings me delight. 

We're currently attempting to dry mint for tea, so that's hanging with the recent watercolors.

This is where Adele keeps all her sketch pads and various binders she has adopted for the books she's writing, etc. As long as it all stays here, I just try not to see it. 

Many items in this room, like these pencil holders, were made at our homeschool co-op when the girls were very young. They're useful, of course, but they also have sentimental value to me. They represent hours of loving-kindness shown to my children by the other moms in my group, so they always inspire me to give thanks. 

That crate is where my youngest keeps her school books and materials. 

Audio books and VBS soundtracks, etc. 

Several keepsakes on my desk

I just realized that I have so many pointers. Friends and more friends who are done homeschooling have passed them on. I'll have to offer some to the other, newer tutors this year.

These are two pictures that represent homeschooling in community.  

More keepsakes (and we use that chalkboard at various community celebrations)

So many crafts from years of co-op, Sunday school, VBS, etc.


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