God is Faithful to His Children and Their Children, Too

I had real doubts about my ability to raise kids in the Lord, because I didn't get to grow up in church. With respect to my parents, they really struggled with their faith and in their lives, so I came to Christ as a teenager, and I came into the church with a lot of drama and out of a lot of dysfunction. The enemy made me feel a lot of shame over that, and I truly envied the kids in my youth group who had their parents with them. But God was very faithful to me. He gave me mentors who literally adopted me as their child in the faith. They let me into their ordered hearts and homes. I didn't realize it at the time, but by sharing life with me at church events and outside church, too, they showed me how to live. So when the time came for me to parent my own kids, I knew how to raise kids in the Lord, because I had actually effectively been raised in the Lord by God's people at church. Because of my own painful experiences as an "unchurched" kid, I felt very strongly that my kids ought not to have to come to Christ the way I had to. Of course, they would have to choose Jesus for themselves, but I wanted it to be so much easier for them, since they had believing parents who shepherded them in the faith. By God's grace, my kids are church kids! And by God's grace, their kids and kids' kids will be church kids, too. Norah has actually been at the same church almost every Sunday since she was in the womb. She knows and loves Jesus like Lucy knows and loves Aslan. In two weeks, we will worship with her at Cornerstone Presbyterian in Franklin, TN where she plans to attend while at college. God is faithful to His children and their children, too.


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