Refreshing Forth

What a lovely day spent at home! 

We haven't been home for a full day without plans in weeks, so even though it was a perfect day outside for the pond or the pool, we opted to stay inside the air conditioning and work around the house. 

We got so much done, yet it all felt so leisurely and restful. 

A few of the things I can remember include:

We did much cleaning and much organizing. 

We called Mom and Dad and chatted for a while.

I blogged two weeks worth of pictures and posts about our vacation. 

Avril and Adele did cross-stitching and watercolor and acrylic painting.

Norah finally finished all the Physics and Pre-Calculus required to graduate, and she bemoaned the fact that she could not keep going with Physics. The kid loves to fascinate over Physics. But she has no time. She is working so many hours to save for college. So sadly, Physics really can't be continued even for the fun of it. 

We watered flowers. 

We straightened bookshelves. 

The girls took buckets and trudged downhill to see if the berries were ripe yet. (They're not.)

We washed, dried, folded or hung, and put away, laundry, laundry, and more laundry.

Dwayne lovingly cleared out all the hairs that wrap, wrap, wrap themselves around the wheel of the vacuum. 

Three daughters = a lot of hair!!

Dwayne also assembled our new, larger art-storage boxes, then the girls transferred all their keepsake pieces of art to them.

I shared a lunch of crackers, tuna salad, and fresh tomatoes with my parrot. He perched on the back of the chair next to mine in the sunny kitchen, and had tiny bits of my bites and tiny sips of my water. 

Everyone took luxurious showers. 

Everyone read books silently.  

Dwayne did the cooking for dinner. He made spaghetti. 

We read a chapter of The Silver Chair aloud. 

We artfully arranged all the sea shells brought back from this recent vacation into a large jar and added it to the mantel. (We have one jar of shells for every year.) 

We baked banana bread, checked emails, made plans, filled in our calendar.

We signed the girls up for Vacation Bible School. 

I finished Academic Orientation for Classical Conversations. (I plan to tutor Adele's Foundations class next year, a big change from tutoring high school students the last few years.)

I watched "The Riot and The Dance- Water" with Avril and Adele. We received the DVD with our recent book order from Classical Conversations. We gave so much glory to God for His amazing creatures, literally gasping aloud at the wonders shown. 

And these are just the things I can remember from today.

Thank God for such a lovely, productive, yet restful day at home!



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