Homeschool Closet Organization

In the summer, I'll take an hour or two one afternoon to organize my homeschool closet for the coming year. 

I've trained my kids to keep things neat as they pull supplies out of the closet and put them back in, but once a year, the closet still needs some TLC from me.  

The arrangement and contents tend to change with the homeschool season we are going into. 

At one point, an entire shelf and most of the floor was taken up with science lab supplies!

That was when my oldest was in Challenge 3 and I was directing for her class and we were doing Chemistry labs every week.

But now, with the oldest graduated from Challenge 4 and off to college this fall, another daughter only in Challenge B, and my youngest in Foundations and Essentials, I won't be doing lab science for at least another year, so those supplies have been sold to another director to be put to good use. 

This year, I'm teaching Foundations and Essentials, so I brought some of the materials I need for review games and math games out into prime spots. 

It's amazing how long things will keep if you just keep them!

Some of the stationary my eighth grader uses to write her pen pal was my sister's when she was my daughter's age!

Some of the office supplies I have were my mom's supplies when she was a teacher!



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