Homeschooling in Summer- Silent Reading

The girls have to read silently for at least one hour every single day of summer vacation.

At the beginning of summer, I assign them a stack of books. 

They usually get to choose which book to read next from the stack, unless there is a book I want them to read first for some reason in which case, I will tell them, "Read this next." 

They have to read from a book on the stack for the first hour of the day. 

They often read more than one hour by choice. 

(In fact, Avril has been downstairs reading for the last two hours.) 

But after the first hour, they can read any book of their choice. 

(Case in point- Avril is reading a Warriors book- not at all something in her assigned stack.)

Avril will be in Challenge B next year, so her stack of books has all the Challenge B titles like "The Phantom Tollbooth" and "Defeating Darwinism," things she will be assigned to work with next school year.  

She'll reread the same books again in a few months, but she'll also have to write about them or complete assignments, so having a familiarity with them already will make that easier.

Adele is still in Foundations and Essentials, so she is reading from a stack of various chapter books I've collected through the years from various reading lists (Sonlight, Academic Press, etc.)



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