M is for Memories

I've been going through our old photos. It must be a pregnancy thing. I found some pictures of Norah and Dwayne in his Coleman chair from our annual camping trips over the years.

Dwayne pokes fun of me for holding so fast to our family traditions, like this annual camping trip. But, I am a firm believer that repetition builds memories and doing some of the same things as a family is one way to be deliberate about building Norah's perception of her past. For example, I know she won't really care what our kitchen looked like, but she will remember whether or not her mom faithfully used that outdated space to serve dinner every night, etc.

I love going camping, sleeping in the night air, seeing the stars, sitting around the camp fire, living right out in the open, exploring nature. And, I don't think I'm the only one! Two out of three of Norah's drawings right now show us in a tent. Below are two of the pictures she's drawn in the just the last few days.


gina said…
Aw. What a nice series to have. And you are right- this will be a part of who she is.

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