Another way I save money (and time): I don't collect DVDs for twenty (or more) bucks a pop.

Instead, I borrow movies through Netflixs (or the library).

Norah loves Netflixs because she gets a surprise in the mail periodically. And, I love this because not having DVDs in the house prevents me from wasting too much precious time actually letting Norah watch them.

As it goes, when a disc arrives in the mail, we feel free to watch it as soon as have the opportunity. We send it back, basically, right away, then do some serious and studious activities for the next few afternoons. Dwayne may get another disc (or two) in the mail of his choice before another one comes for Norah. But, when Norah does get one, we always feel free to watch it and we always do it completely guilt-free because we know it's not something we do too much.


Anonymous said…
We LOVE netflix and it is a great thing to give as a gift to that person that has everything.

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