Red Bellied Wood Pecker

White Breasted Nuthatch

Male Downy Woodpecker

Female Downy Woodpecker

We saw several new birds today, but they came and went before we could identify them. I think they must be various types of finches and sparrows. I got a picture of our red bellied woodpecker, though again, I wish my camera could do a better job. I put today's arrivals (the ones I could identify) in bold.


Red Bellied Woodpecker (Male)
Downy Woodpecker (Male and Female Pair)
Black Capped Chickadee
White-Breasted Nuthatch (Male)
House Sparrow (Flock of both Male and Female)
Blue Jay (Male)
Dark Eyed Junco (Flock of both Male and Female)
Brown Headed Cow Bird
(Male and Female Pair)
Tufted Titmouse (Male and Female)
Cardinal (Male and Female Pair)
Mourning Doves (Male and Female Pair)


randi said…
I like the idea of keeping a list of the birds you see. We will have to do that too. I also want the kids to keep journals with pictures and information about the birds. We will see how that goes! :)
Anonymous said…
We used to see the Tufted Titmouse a lot when we lived in the Midwest. Those cute little rascals were always my favorite.
I have found it is best, if you can, to snap pictures (even blurry ones). I've only been taking pictures for a day or so, but they have helped me go back and reference what I saw when I am looking at the field guides later. We're having so much fun doing this. I used to hate my large front window, now, I am beginning to love it!!! :)
I like the titmouse, too. And, he seems to like us. We were surprised to find one staring down at us from his perch today. We didn't even realize he was there, a few feet away... I guess that might be how he feels when he catches us watching him. LOL.

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