One way I save money: I make my own spray-in detangler.

We always have at least a third of a bottle of conditioner left long after the "matching" shampoo has been used up. So, I squirt a little of it in the bottom of an empty spray-in conditioner container, fill the rest of the space up with water and shake.

Voila! Homemade detangler!

I bought the over-priced detangler once, since it really is indispensable in our house. You see how much Norah has. But, we plowed through it in a week or less so I never could bring myself to spend money on it again and again and again...

I just saved the container and once it is completely empty, use it over and over. Our mix works just as well, as long as you shake it up before each use, it smells just as good, it leaves no noticeable residue and slowly but surely, I get to use up all our left over conditioner to boot!


gina said…
HA! I have a third of a bottle of now unmatched conditioner in the shower right now! This is a GREAT tip!! We go through spray-on stuff like mad. :)

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