My husband Dwayne preached at church on Sunday evening. A few other people spoke before he did: an artist in our church shared an inspirational message, a pastor prayed, another man read Scripture, so Dwayne starts about a third of the way into the audio recording I link to below.

The passage Dwayne preaches from is Ephesians 4. You can't see the power point he used to go along with his message, so for the sake of making things clearer for anyone who happens to listen, Dwayne shows images of Obama and Darwin at the beginning of the message... and you'll have to listen to the sermon to understand why he does that and how the images fit.

If you are interested in hearing him, a link to the audio for the sermon is online here.


carrie said…
I listened to Dwayne's sermon. As he was preaching I couldn't help think of the C.S. Lewis book "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" where Eustis rips off his Dragon skin and Aslan rips off the rest. Then Eustis goes into the water and is healed and is forever changed. Dwayne did a great job!
Thanks Carrie. I can't wait to read that book. We are going through the series on CD.
carrie said…
We listened to the series on CD too. Christopher loved the stories and even understood some of the references.

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