Colossians 3:23

I was going through some of my old Bible memory cards and found this one. That day, these words in Colossians really struck me, checked my spirit and ministered to my heart.

Housework can be overwhelming. I do the dishes in the morning only to find that the clean ones in the machine won't put themselves away and I always have another sink full after I make a homemade dinner. If I am already thinking on toilets and tubs I need to scrub, Norah's crumbs and childish accidents can drive me to scream, even though I know she can't help it. And, when I wake up and Dwayne has forgotten to do something that we've agreed is his part, like take out the trash, I can find the offense almost impossible to overcome.

Earlier on the same day I read the verse above, I had to trudge out to the garbage, almost nine months pregnant, all the while thinking how thankless my family must be for all I do. I actually asked myself out loud, "Who do I do this for anyway?!" And, I am not the least bit surprised that God brought me a timely answer to my bold question: "It is the Lord Christ whom you serve."

This verse helped to put things in perspective. In the most basic sense, I do not actually do the things I do for my family even though I have each one of them and their particular needs in mind all day long. I do my work for the Lord Himself. I honestly believe He notices every effort I make, little or great, to serve this family, to build this home. And, that in mind has the power to change my attitude quicker than anything else.

I've been making this collection of memory cards since high school, copying a verse as it stuck out to me while reading. Going through the entire collection that day, it made me chuckle to find how often I made copies of the same verses twice, even three times, not remembering or realizing that I had already discovered that verse before and had already made a card (or two) with those words on it.

Case in point: I found two cards with the words from Proverbs 20:22 on them. See the photo below. This made me laugh out loud. Who or what was it that made me mad enough to take special notice of this particular verse on two separate occasions?!

I am not sure when I first noticed or made the note card with the verse from Colossians on it either, but I wonder: Was housework was on my mind that day, too?


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