Happy 4th of July!

Norah drew this picture a few days ago, after we talked about our plans to see fireworks on the 4th. Dwayne and I went to see the fireworks in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, on our first date in 2000 and it is a tradition we keep without fail. This year, we'll add a new tradition to our Independence Day celebrations. We'll read the Declaration of Independence out loud as a family. (Even though it was actually read aloud in Philadelphia on the 3rd, but we aren't going to be that picky). We've been waiting for Norah to be old enough to sit still through it. And, though we realize she may have some trouble understanding it all just yet, this is another way we plan to weave her education as naturally as possible into our family life. Enjoy your holiday!


Donnie Evans II said…
Happy Independence Day, Veroncia!

Happy Independence Day, Dwayne!

Happy Independence Day, Norah!

Happy Independence Day, Avril!