I pass this hill on my way in and out of our neighborhood and I noticed it looking a little bare these days. This spot had day lilies blooming year after year and they always struck me with their brilliant orange.

Day lilies grow all over the sides of the roads in New England during this part of the summer. But, I haven't seen any lilies in this spot this year, so I've been wondering where they went.

That is, until I pulled up to my own yard and looked over to admire my gorgeous flower bed. That is when it hit me.

My mom was living with us last summer and she and I would work in the yard together. On one such occasion, I believe I mumbled something about wishing I had the nerve to go with gloves and a shovel under the cover of darkness and dig up those day lilies on that hill, so I could transplant them to my own flower bed. And, until they bloomed earlier this month, I'd totally forgotten. That is exactly what she did!


carrie said…
There's a gorgeous forsythia bush around the corner from my house and I've wished the same thing when I see it in bloom!
Carrie, DO IT! LOL. No, really, we happen to have forsynthia's lining our back yard. They were there when we moved in. If we thin them out again, I'll give you a call. They are pretty easy to separate and transplant. We used some of the thicker bushes to fill in thinner holes last year. They take a few years to bulk up, but they are hearty. :) I'll keep my eye out for shoots to share with you, so you don't have to go getting arrested for digging up a bush. LOL.
Way to go Mom! We still have the Elephant Ears mom and I dug up from the ditch along Ladson Road. It must have been 12 years ago now. I always felt a little like a theif for doing it. But when they widened the hwy the ditch was filled in. Every time I drive by that spot I think about how we saved them from destruction! No more guilt. :)
Loretta, I know! I am secretly (or not so secretly now) thankful mom did it. I love my day lilies. It's not exactly stealing, but I still don't have the nerves of steel it requires. One has to have mom's confident, shame free look about them when they are digging up wild plants as people drive by. I passed a field of black eyed susan today and I almost wished I had a shovel. All that black eyed susan just growing wild and I have had to plant 100s of seeds just to get the few blooms I have. :( I think I am going to see who owns the lot and ask for permission. It's the best I can do with my silly conscience. :)

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