I may have bitten off more than I can chew. That'd be pretty typical. But, I am enjoying studying EB White's life and reading his works, flattering myself that I have a few things in common with this celebrated writer.

If he'd have lived in the age of the Internet, I feel certain he would have kept a blog, ebwhite.com perhaps, since he wrote at all hours of the day, almost under compulsion, as often as thoughts came to him. And, I am certain he would have talked about himself, without shame, sharing his personal experiences and sometimes private thoughts, as I do here.

So, in defense of my often self-centered blog, I quote EB White.

"Self is the most interesting thing in the world- if not carried to extremes- and life would be far less gallant and exciting if men were not continually absorbed with watching what they're doing with their own hands and marvelling at the stew which is simmering in their own heads. I hate people who are not interested in themselves."