Dwayne's brother, his wife and their four kids are here this week.

Some of the youngest Bouldens pose on our porch.

Our TV may be broken, but the older kids are enjoying our computers.

Steven hates having his picture taken.

Nee' Nee' feeds Avril.
Doesn't she look like a painter standing back and studying a canvas she's working on?

Avril's getting toys to her mouth now.

I took the kids to the park one afternoon.

We played in the sprinkler...

and had a picnic.

We made homemade vanilla ice cream.

We are also enjoying the backyard, slip and splash and the sandbox, eating dinner then playing cards every night. I really like talking to Lisa and Sarah while Dwayne, Brandt and Steven talk their computer jargon. There's nothing like family. And the fun we're having proves it.