The kids were struggling to get along earlier today. So it goes with little ones, sunburns and no TV. But, after the hundredth squabble, when all of us parents were raw from the constant bickering, Uncle Brandt threatened that they'd all be in trouble if they didn't straighten up... or something to that effect.

None the less, just a few minutes passed before the kids were arguing again. I don't know what about, but they were yelling,

"It was you!"

"No, it was you!"

"It wasn't me. It was you!"

"No! It was you!"

and on and on.

So, Brandt said something like, "Alright! That's it!" and pushed his chair back to get up and handle them.

That's when Norah yelled out in a desperate attempt to call him off,

"It was none of us!"


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