We spent Friday picking blueberries at a local farm.

The berries were so ripe they almost fell off the branches. You could wrap your hand around a cluster, wiggle your fingers and they'd drop right into your palm.

We met up with moms and kids from our home school group.
Norah poses with two of her friends.

The beautiful Litchfield Hills.

We came home for lunch and to spend the hot afternoon inside. But, Dwayne was working late, so we decided to go back after dinner. The sun was going down, it was more comfortable outside and after all, we needed a lot more berries if we were going to be able make all the recipes we were finding.

Here's a little home school math for you.

2 pounds of berries before lunch + 6 pounds of berries after dinner = 8 pounds of berries in a day.

8 pounds of berries + sugar + flour + butter + bake time + vanilla ice cream = who knows how many pounds the treats we bake in the next few days will add to my waistline.

No, really. I plan to share with the neighbors. Right now, we owe three sets of neighbors a thank you for gifts they given us within the last month. Have I mentioned how much I love our neighborhood?

Look at that smile and those sun kissed cheeks. She was wiped out. She had a bath and went to bed begging to make a pie through yawns, even as her eyes were closing.


carrie said…
We didn't get to go with the group because I was in VT, but Christopher and I picked berries there the week before. We ate a bunch and froze the rest. We picked 13 lbs. Yum.

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