We attended the Grand Opening for our neighborhood's park this past Saturday. I made a short slide show of photos to share.

Dwayne and I love living in East Mountain. Our neighborhood is like no community we've ever seen. The quality of life here isn't based on prestige. It can't be, really, since the homes, the lots, even the mortgages are all modest by Connecticut standards.

However, most of the homes in this neighborhood were built around the time "under God" was added to our nation's conscience. And, I think maybe that is why living here is like traveling back in time. Many of the things you associate with "good ole days" are true of East Mountain every days. Our mail man walks up to our door. Our neighbor's are friends. We help each other constantly. We've depended on them in sickness and we've given them support while they were ailing. We have all grieved together. We celebrate together. We live our lives, literally, together. Perhaps this is true of all close knit communities in New England and I'm just struck by it because I'm still somewhat new to this part of the country.

But, I always joke that I was born fifty years too late! So, I believe I may have been destined to live in this home, on this street, in this neighborhood and not just because I know my steps are ordered by the Lord, but because this place fits me... like a glove.