Like most people these days, I don't actually use film in my camera, so I rarely have to get any pictures printed. But, I do like to print photos of my girls with their father. They are my favorite kind of pictures.

A godly woman once said, "There is nothing more attractive to me than my husband when he is loving our kids." I agree wholeheartedly and so, I am collecting my favorite photos of my girls with their daddy in two little scrapbooks, one for each girl, with the simple title "Daddy Loves Me."

I don't just do this for my own pleasure, though I love to take Norah's book and flip through the pages, especially when I am furious at Dwayne for forgetting to take out the garbage again or something like that. These pictures can charm that inner beast right out me, putting things in perspective. I collect these photos deliberately, for my girls sake more than for my own.

I want these images to be burned into my daughters' consciences, like photo negatives, always there when they close their eyes. I believe these pictures will come to their minds later in life, perhaps daily, when they are reminded of their father or their childhood in some way. I want them to serve as reminders of Dwayne's great love for them. A father's love, like God's, can give security, confidence, self-respect... all the treasures God intended for an earthly father to impart to his children when He created this world and gave Eve to Adam.

Obviously, I am just beginning to take photos for Avril's "Daddy Loves Me" book, since she is only two months old. The photo at the top of this post is one that will go into her collection.


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