We went hiking on one of my favorite trails in Kettletown State Park yesterday.
This is the view from the first lookout.

We stopped to rest, drink water, nurse Avril, and have some homemade trail mix.

The trail went straight up that pile of rocks! Norah has a natural balance and grace that I only impede when I try to grab her hand and keep her "safe." Dwayne reminded me subtly that she is actually better off without holding my hand, since I am more likely to take her down with me if (or when) I fall. It's alarming to us how well she maneuvers trails like this one. She's like a little mountain goat!

This root looks just like a snake ready to strike.

These were breathtaking. They looked like little rainbows growing all over the fallen trunks.

They came in all sorts of colors. I want to find out what they are called.

Norah, checking out a fallen tree at the end of the trail.

My legs are pretty sore, this being the first full hike I've taken since I was pregnant and gave birth to Avril. But, Dwayne and I both agree that we'd rather take a hike any day than go to the gym!