Our neighborhood park is almost finished. I've been saying that forever, but I really mean it this time. A dedication service is planned for the last Saturday of this month. We were on our way to hike and picnic at a state park, but we passed by and saw that the water had been turned on, so we opted to stay and play close to home.

Norah plays in the water fountain.

Daddy burps Avril.


Avril's holding her head up like a champ.

Left to right, you can see some of the courts in the back, the sprinkler in front, the gazebo in the middle (Norah calls it a caboose. She confuses those two words.) the play scape on the right and even farther over is a large flagpole and the ball fields.

Norah put on the dry clothes we brought and played with other kids on the slides a while.

He just parks at the entrance and rings his bell every few minutes, wearing down your resistance until...

...you give in a let her get a Screwball.

It was another lovely Saturday afternoon. My eyes tear up a little when I think of our new park. My heart is overflowing with thanks to God for something so nice, so near and so free! (Unless you consider how much we pay in taxes...) But, I just "smile at the future" memories we will make in this place, Lord willing.