We made these dandy tappers and clappers out of metal lids. We got the idea from Martha Stewart's Kids Get Crafty.

You'll need two matching lids. The kind that come on baby food jars are the most ideal, but we don't buy baby food just yet. Avril's still a little young for that, so we used lids we have saved from products we do buy like chili sauce and pickles. You will also need a hammer, nail, board, and some string, as you can see from the pictures above.

Face each lid down on the board and hammer two holes into the middle, about one inch apart. Cut the strings about eight inches long and thread them so that both ends come out on the inside of the lids.

You can tie the smaller lids to feet to make tap shoes...

...and tie larger, flatter lids to hands to make cymbals!

Use these to practice keeping rhythms with your hands and feet!


Jules said…
These look like fun! I'm all about home-made toys. So easy and cheap! :)

I got your question about Dave Ramsey. Honestly, the only book I have ever read of his is the one that came with our packet - it's called Financial Peace Revisited.
I have heard that The Total Money Makeover is good, but I've never read it.

My motivation comes from actually watching him on DVD. He is so entertaining and so encouraging - he makes you want to succeed. If you get a chance to take a class, I would suggest doing so - seeing him each week really keeps me motivated.

Good luck on your debt-free journey! It's so hard, but so worth it!
gina said…
OKAY that looks fun!!