We went to Black Rock State Park yesterday. We walked a new trail in the morning. The path only resembled a stream bed at first. But then it got more and more narrow and more and more wet and the trees closed in on us more and more, until we were actually treading through a little stream in the middle of the woods. The look out was easy enough to get to, but it made me a nervous wreck, so I don't think I am going to be eager to take Norah on this trail again anytime soon. After our hike, we found a shady spot near the pond. Dwayne grilled hot dogs over charcoal and watched Avril while Norah and I swam. After lunch, we each had a Smore with a marshmallow toasted over the warm coals. Later, Norah played in the sand near the edge of the grass with her buckets and shovel, while Dwayne and I sat with the baby and rocked her to sleep in the shade.


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