I've been going to gym on Monday nights for my favorite class. The baby is still too young to go with me. She isn't allowed in the babysitting room until she is six months old, so Dwayne has volunteered to stay home with the girls until Avril is old enough and we can all go together.

But, when everyone at the gym sees me come through the door, the first thing they ask is, "Where are the girls?" or "Did you bring the baby?" Always disappointed, they ask for the next best thing. "Can we see a picture?"

With that in mind, I took in a wallet size of the photo above to show everyone last Monday. A teenage girl, 18 or 19, who works at the front desk took the photo from my hand. Sighing, she looked at the picture and said longingly, "I want one of these." To that, I told her, "Oh no! You need a partner. You need to be married to a strong, loving man who will support you and help you with the babies before..."

That is when I saw the blank look on her face, so I stopped ranting for a second. She paused, smirked, then said to me, "I meant I wanted one of these pictures."


carrie said…
Beautiful picture

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