We spent Sunday morning making blueberry pies.

While I fussed over the berry filling, Dwayne mixed up and rolled out the crusts.

We make a good team.

We gave Norah a clump of left over dough to play with.

But, after I few minutes it became clear that she was doing a pretty good job.

So, I gave her a small baking dish to try her hand at making her own miniature pie.
I figured she could do no harm.

She pressed the bottom crust in herself and rolled out her top crust
with a little guidance from us on how to make it round.

She made a mess. But, she also made a pie!

She cleaned off her own berries, mixed up her own filling...

and dumped it in.

She used her school scissors to trim the excess top crust,
just like Dad did with his kitchen scissors.

She made designs in the crust with her fingers like Dad showed her.

It's oven ready!

Dad showed her how to braid the top of the next pie.

We brushed the tops with milk and sprinkled them with sugar.


Golden and bubbly.

We kept the plain pie for ourselves, took the pretty one to church that evening for our friends who just had a baby and plan to take the little one to our neighbors across the street.

And, we still have a ton of blueberries to use,
so we're planning to make few more pies for neighbors.

Eat your heart out!


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