I just finished sewing Norah's Halloween costume for this year. She wanted to be an Indian. She has a small obsession that started with her home school studies last year. I did most of the work myself, Dwayne only helping to pin the pattern to the fabric at the very beginning of the process. So, I'm pretty proud, even if the pattern is labeled "Easy 2 Hour." It took me four and I found it hard enough since it was the first garment I've ever attempted with sleeves! Norah's been in bed for a while, so I just followed the pattern because I didn't want to wake her in order to try it on for size. For all I know, she may be swimming in this, so I will probably have to make some alterations after she tries it on in the morning. I know I have to cut the fringe and make the headband and I am thinking about tying on some colorful beads... but I am glad the majority of the labor is done and with a whole week to spare!


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