So. We tried the costume on and it was way too big. Norah looked more like a Monk than a Native American. And she has no love for the Middle Ages, so we have to do some alterations in the next few days. It turns out that this is what happens when you buy a pattern before you measure your kid. Hum!? Who knew?!

But! Lesson learned. And like I told Norah, who stood like a statue when I put this over her head and looked back and forth nervously, not sure what to say for the first time in her life for fear of hurting my feelings... when I am done with this potato-sack of a costume, my husband and children will rise up and bless me and call me things like "Costume Whisperer" and "Design Star" because of the amazing thing I will have wrought with the help of my sewing machine.

I've got to psych myself up for this, but I vow that by Saturday I will make this costume ROCK! Raise your arms and say it with me now: Poca- whose your- hontas? Sacaja-what?!!!


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