Norah has a new chore. She's now responsible for feeding her little sister her solid foods. While I clean up the kitchen after meals, Norah gets out a spoon and gives Avril a portion of baby cereal or baby food from a jar, whatever it is that I give her that time of day. She loves it.

After all, kids crave tasks with real meaning and I can't think of anything more satisfying than giving a baby what she needs to grow and seeing her stop fussing from hunger.

Notice Norah's mouth wide open in the top left hand corner of the picture... Precious.

But, Norah still tends to talk with her hands, so the spoon follows where her hands go and poor Avril, naturally, follows the spoon, so I'll often turned around to see the baby's head going back and forth and up and down as Norah is talking to me about something... Too funny.


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